Tuesday, 6 October 2015

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I have been using for #Secret and @BuzzAgent #forfree to try and give a honest review about  #SecretClinical "Strength Clear Gel". I have been using #SecretClinical for about a week and let me say that this antiperspirant @Secret really works. I was at work on Sunday it was the end of the month so that is always a very busy time for the grocery store where I work. I was running all over the place checking prices. boxing groceries, filling shelves, directing costumers where products could be found and doing cash. Saturday and Sundays are always our busy time of the week. Usually by now I would be drenched with sweat from all of the hectic activities at work but nothing. I was so surprised how well #SecretClinical Clear Gel really worked. I believe that it does give you 4X #StressSweat Protection. I still managed to stay focused on my job and still not have to worry about my hair being a mess from sweating. or my mascara running down my face from sweat and no sweat spots under my arms which can be so embarrassing when working with the public. Because of #SecretClinical Strength Clear Gel. I could keep smiling, enjoy my customers and have a great shift at work. Thanks so much @Secret and @BuzzAgent for letting me be a part of this campaign because now I actually have a antiperspirant that really works.


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