Saturday, 24 September 2016

My Thought @TryBoostHp

I was so happy when I was chosen to try NEW @TryBoostHP #GotItForFree @Chickadvisor. I have seen and given @Nestlé  #BOOST out because I worked as a Home Support Worker for many years and this was the product we gave in hospitals, home care and nursing homes. For patients that needed extra nutrition in their diets. It is so nice that @Boost has made a #highprotein, very #nutritious drink for all ages.
I really enjoyed the chocolaty flavor of @Nestlé Boost High Protein it is such a delicious way to get all your daily nutrition, protein, vitamins, calcium and helps you to have better health and more energy. It contains 26 vitamins and minerals  such as Vitamin C , D, B12 , also zinc and 15g of protein. So every time you drink @Boosthp you know you are doing something amazing for your body and your health. This @Boosthp also helps keep you strong and helps to rebuild your muscles. It is great for a drink before or after a workout, great to give you a boost of energy at work, or anytime you want a healthy, delicious snack. @TryBoosthp comes in there yummy flavors vanilla, strawberry and chocolate. You have to #TryBoostHP you will be so glad you did.

I want to say Thank You @Nestlé Canada and @Chickadvisor for letting me be a part of this healthy, energetic and tasteful @TryBoosthp Campaign. I really liked this product and will definitely be buying @TryBoosthp again.   

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